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World Animal Day and Me 2023

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The USPCA supports schools in Northern Ireland in bringing animal welfare to life, developing empathy, compassion and an understanding of the needs of animals within the classroom.
It is through the USPCA education outreach programme that we apply the old saying “prevention is better than a cure”. Our programme provides advice, gives guidance and inspires future generations as well as promoting responsible pet ownership and an appreciation of our native wildlife.
Our informative presentations also cover the history and background of the USPCA and our services within Northern Ireland.

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Blue Cross

Our talks make learning about pet care and welfare a fun, interactive and memorable learning experience.
UK Primary schools and youth groups can request a free talk or assembly from one of our trained Blue Cross Speakers. Talks are specifically designed to engage young people, inspire empathy and develop successful people-pet relationships. Choose from a range of topics related to the UK curriculum and PHSE themes.

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PDSA offers free talks on a range of curriculum-linked topics. From the 5 Welfare Needs of Pets to careers, our talks are a perfect way to introduce your class to responsible pet care. Please note, our in-person talks are currently limited to Hampshire. Where we are not able to offer a face-to-face talk, we are happy to deliver live digital talks via Teams or Zoom.

Also, check out our award-winning education programme, PetWise School Award. It’s free to take part.
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At Woodgreen, we want to get you talking about pets, wherever you are or whatever your age may be!
We’re passionate about pet education. That’s why we run FREE curriculum-linked workshops which teach young people about pets, while imparting an understanding of empathy and compassion towards others. Schools and groups within Cambridgeshire can choose a face-to-face visit or live digital session. If you’re based outside of Cambridgeshire, simply contact us with your postcode and we can let you know about any opportunities in your area.
Whether you’re a primary or secondary school teacher, youth group, Beaver or Brownie group leader, we’d love to get you talking about pets!

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Cats Protection

Cats Protection offers free talks to schools and community groups of all ages, covering a range of different topics from responsible pet ownership to careers with cats.
The talks are fun, informative and can be customised to suit your group or curriculum requirements. We supply free goodies and other resources with each talk.

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We've found that talks in school assemblies can be an effective way of spreading the word about being kind to animals - and inspiring a future generation of compassionate animal advocates.
These interactive and engaging talks can be booked by primary schools across England and Wales.
Our volunteer speakers are often retired teachers or our staff, including our inspectors. They're passionate about education and animal welfare, and know the best ways to inspire children about the importance of kindness to animals.
Giving talks in schools is a great way to educate children about the responsibilities of owning a pet. It's easy, and often cheap, to buy a pet in the first place, but the ongoing costs and time are often forgotten until it's too late. For example, rabbits are very commonly misunderstood, and we want to inspire children to take ownership of their welfare, not just leave them alone in a hutch at the end of the garden!

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Could your pupils be the RSPCA’s Most Compassionate Class?

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Scottish SPCA

With almost two centuries of experience under our belt, we know education is the key to preventing animal cruelty. People are able to learn about empathy towards animals and the strength of the human-animal bond from a young age. Our free ‘Prevention through Education’ programme is hugely popular across Scotland and we visited over 60% of the nation’s primary schools in 2018.
Our programme has age-specific workshops which fit in with the Curriculum for Excellence, most notably by helping children develop in to responsible citizens within their communities.
What’s more, the workshops are research-based, meaning we know the work we do with school children has a measurable impact. Ongoing research with the University of Edinburgh has shown our programme is increasing knowledge and positive attitudes towards animals, whilst decreasing tolerance of cruelty.

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Dogs Trust

Our Be Dog Smart programme focusses on Safe Behaviour Around Dogs, and every year we work with hundreds of schools, offering free workshops and assemblies. Our programme aims to harness safe, loving relationships between children and the dogs they share their lives and social settings with. We do this by encouraging them to adopt safe and kind behaviours towards their canine friends.
Our workshops are designed to complement areas of the curriculum and generally support classroom learning.
Our trained and experienced Education and Community Officers are fully equipped to ensure the workshops are engaging and interactive. Our priority audience is KS2 but we are pleased to extend our offering to KS1 where minimum booking requirements have been met.*
*Where possible, we aim to secure a minimum of two KS2 workshops per booking.

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