Previously known as Pet Education Resources

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Country Resources

Explore a range of free materials provided by the charitable organisations involved in the Pet Education Partnership. Crafted to cater to various age groups, our complimentary resources are designed to fit into the curriculum.

English Resources

Discover a range of free resources, designed to fit into the National Curriculum. 

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Northern Irish Resources

Explore our range of free resources, all designed to fit into the Northern Irish Curriculum. 

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Scottish Resources

Teach children a range of animal-based topics that have been designed to fit into the Curriculum for Excellence. 

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Welsh Resources

Our free resources have been designed to align with the Curriculum for Wales. We also have a selection of resources that have been translated into the Welsh language. 

Mae ein hadnoddau rhad ac am ddim wedi'u cynllunio i gyd-fynd â'r Cwricwlwm i Gymru. Mae gennym hefyd ddetholiad o adnoddau sydd wedi’u cyfieithu i’r Gymraeg.

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