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World Animal Day and Me 2023

We celebrated World Animal Day 2023 with The Pet Education Partnership's first FREE Online Event on Wednesday 4th October.
Who: Calling all primary school teachers of children aged 7-11 across the UK. Join the Pet Education Partnership, a team of passionate education experts from the animal welfare charity sector, at our first ever collaborative event.

What: A free and exclusive educational online event hosted by The Pet Education Partnership, aimed at celebrating World Animal Day 2023. The event focuses on exploring the concept of animal sentience and promoting responsible pet ownership.

Where: The event was held on Zoom but it can be watched on our website here

When: The live event will took place on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023. A downloadable assembly session and resource pack are available to download on our resources page for England

Why: The purpose of the event was to provide primary school teachers and children aged 7-11 with an immersive and engaging educational experience centred around animal sentience. The event aimed to foster empathy, respect for animals, and responsible pet ownership, while also promoting learning through interactive activities and captivating presentations.

How: The event was conducted via Zoom and featured interactive activities, presentations, animal case studies and a short video. It was led by a team of education experts from the animal welfare charity sector, providing valuable insights into animal sentience and responsible pet ownership. The event included quizzes and a Q&A session, with opportunities for children to share their own stories and experiences with their peers and with us via the chat function.

This event aligned with the goal of inspiring the next generation of animal lovers and advocates, while creating a safe and inclusive environment for learning and sharing. It aimed to celebrate World Animal Day by increasing awareness of animal sentience and responsible pet ownership among children and educators.